Welcome to the members information page. Here you can learn what it takes to become a member and see what current information is available.

Members Info

The following two links are for NBIA Members Only to pay dues to NBIA.  If you do not own a property in Normandy Beach where you have also purchased stock from the NBA to join the NBIA you may NOT use the following links.  If you do, your account will be flagged and deleted.

Members - The registration only needs to be done one time and for 1 person.  Spouses do not need to have an account. With it, you will receive NBIA email correspondence and the ability to pay your dues online and register children or grandchildren for camp. Do NOT register twice or 2 people.  You will pay twice.  If you need to add or delete from your cart, simply go back into your account.  Next season all you will have to do is sign in. Your information will be saved indefinitely!


Information For New Homeowners

2019 Season

Welcome to Normandy Beach! We are thrilled to have you join our community. Our “little slice of heaven” – which is split between Toms River and Brick townships – offers a variety of programs and resources to help you make the most of your experience.


Leadership in Normandy is handled by two separate but crucial groups: Normandy Beach Associates (NBA) and Normandy Beach Improvement Association (NBIA). NBA owns the common property in the community, such as the beach rights and Bay Beach House, while NBIA is the operational arm responsible for community programming.


As a new homeowner, you should start by contacting NBA to buy a stock for each new property you acquire. This one-time purchase is refundable when you sell your home, as long as you remain in good standing with NBIA and remit your stock. Please download the form for the stock at www.nbianj.org and follow the instructions for mailing it in, or contact Cheryl Coyle of Normandy Beach Associates at cherylcoyle@verizon.net.


After you have settled your stock with NBA, the next step is to join NBIA. Dues are paid yearly either through our website, www.nbianj.org, or in person during summer office hours at Bay Beach House. Contact Gen Van Doren at genvandoren@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns.


The benefits of membership include your homeowner beach badges, reduced-rate fees for our terrific Bay Beach Camp program, and the option to join our tennis program. Our year-round “First Fridays” – one of a host of social events the organization sponsors – always draw nice crowds. NBIA also provides lifeguards and maintenance of the beaches and common areas during the summer months, and security during the offseason. In addition, our board members represent Normandy Beach interests at township committee meetings as needed.


In addition, NBIA Members in good standing may rent the Bay Beach House for personal use. See rental information here. www.nbianj.org/info.html


Those who already own property in Normandy should purchase an additional stock and NBIA membership for each additional property they acquire.

NBIA Contact Info

P. (732) 375-6240 (in season only)

A. PO Box 698, Normandy Beach, NJ 08739

E. kimmerann1@msn.com

Toms River Police: 732-349-0150

Brick Police: 732-477-8300

Normandy Beach Special Patrol:  908-783-8328